Bakehouse Cycling Team

Rider Responsibilities

Represent the sponsors and ourselves professionally and responsibly, ride hard and perform beyond our natural abilities, and to have a great time along the way.

Membership Requirements

The BC Bakehouse Cycling Team is open to cyclists of all ages, genders, and abilities who are interested in bicycle racing and high performance training. Members may be Bloomington area residents, IU students, or if living outside of the community, are willing and able to be active participants in BC Bakehouse Cycling events in and around Bloomington and the region.


Team dues for the 2017 season are $125 for regular members, and $100 for collegiate members and juniors under 18 years.

Please review the Team BC Bakehouse handbook, send completed application, waiver, and dues payment (make checks payable to Bakehouse Cycling) to:


Bakehouse Cycling
PO Box 8121
Bloomington, IN 47407